In the 2023 National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (KKCTBN), which took place on October 25, 2023, Diponegoro University did very well. The results were announced at Balai Purnomo Prawiro, Universitas Indonesia Depok Campus. The team from Undip won three championships in three different categories, making them the KKCTBN General Champion for 2023.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) puts on the KKCTBN competition, which is for shipping and marine technology. It is run by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) and the Indonesian Talent Development Center (BPTI). Students fight to show off new design technologies, prototypes, and the ships that perform the best in their prototypes. “Strengthening the Technological Independence and Innovation of National Ships” is the theme for this year.

There were 88 teams from 31 universities in the competition, and Undip sent five teams to participate in six different categories. The Undip group won first place in the PRB Tourism Ship Division Category, first place in the DII Tourism Ship Division Category, and third place in the LBERC Category. Besides that, they also won the KKCTBN General Champion title for 2023.

Mufid Jaler Bagus Pamuning, a student in Marine Engineering and a member of the Lembuswana Team 1 team, was proud and happy about their win. He thought that becoming General Champion at KKCTBN 2023 was an amazing accomplishment, especially since there were so many other top colleges that were competing.

Head of the Undip Naval Engineering Department, Prof.Dr.Eng. Hartono Yudo, ST., MT., was happy with the win because it was the result of years of hard work. He stressed how important it is to keep researching in order to have success like this. In his win, Prof. Hartono Yudo thinks that this will inspire students to get better at competitions and make connections.