The peak of joy and festive spirit adorned the Diponegoro University campus today when the 20th Anniversary and Grand Reunion of the Department of Naval Architecture took place. The theme “Stronger Together for a Better Future” reflects the spirit of togetherness that is rooted in the two decades of success of this study program. The campus was filled with cheers, laughter, and warm smiles from alumni who were reunited after a long time. They bring beautiful memories and enthusiasm to build a better future. This reunion isn’t just about catching up with old friends; it’s also about celebrating accomplishments, growth, and collaboration.

Inspiring Through Seminars and Workshops: The anniversary event began with a meaningful workshop and sharing session in front of the founders, lecturers, students, and alumni. The Head of the Diponegoro University Department expressed his pride in the development of this study program and emphasized the importance of collaboration to face future challenges. Leading industry experts and academics share insights in day-long seminars. Practical workshops provide opportunities for students to deepen their technical skills. Participants are actively involved in discussions, creating space for innovative ideas to develop.

Student Innovation at the Creative Exhibition: The creativity and innovation of students and alumni shine at the exhibition, showcasing superior projects. From advanced technology to environmentally friendly solutions, this exhibition shows the extraordinary potential that Naval Engineering students have.

Top Night with a Warm Atmosphere: The event closed with a warm reunion dinner where memories of the past were shared while enjoying artistic performances from campus talents. The evening was an opportunity for alumni to forge new relationships and strengthen bonds with others.

Head of the Department of Marine Engineering, Diponegoro University, Prof. Hartono Yudo, conveyed his message of appreciation, “This event is not only about history and achievements, but about how we all, as one unit, can become stronger to create a better future. The 20th Anniversary and Grand Reunion event for the Bachelor of Marine Engineering at Diponegoro University is proof that togetherness and collaboration are the keys to success. A celebration that inspires and provides encouragement for all involved.